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The 1970s saw a shift in the production of ceramic products: the creation of porcelain tiles. The unique qualities of porcelain tiles over traditional ceramic tiles saw more and more people using them both inside and outside their homes. Commercial spaces also started utilising porcelain tiles due to their density, resistance and flexibility.

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Can you use porcelain tiles outside?

Porcelain tiles have unique qualities, making them perfect for use inside and outside the home. Porcelain is extremely strong and hard-wearing, perfect for exterior settings. Typically, people utilise concrete slabs or natural stone for patios and like. However, these products can look dated and require extra cleaning and maintenance. Resistant to high foot traffic and with slip resistant qualities, exterior spaces can benefit highly from porcelain tiles.

Are porcelain tiles easy to fit?

As with fitting any tile, it is important that the surface being tiled – whether floor or wall – is suitably prepared. Porcelain tiles will need to be installed on level, clean, dry and dust free surfaces. There should be no debris or loose material that could implicate the adhesive process. The surface should be sound, with no fear that it will not be able to carry the additional load of the tiles themselves.

Furthermore, it essential to plan how the tiles will be used. This will help ensure enough tiles are purchased and any awkward edges and shapes are accounted for. Some people prefer to dry lay their tiles before installation to get a greater picture of the finished fit and iron out any potential issues.

How to clean porcelain tile floors

Inside or outside, porcelain tiles new very little in terms of cleaning. Warm water and a mop are ideal for gentle, everyday cleaning. A mild detergent should only be used sparingly for any stubborn marks or stains. Dust and dirt can be easily swept away or sucked up via a vacuum cleaner.

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