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Outside Porcelain Tiles

Transform your outside spaces with Ferreira’s porcelain tiles. Our collections can be used internally and externally and require very little maintenance. Due to their unique properties, porcelain is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to stone for use in gardens and outside spaces. Porcelain tiles are non-porous, this means tiles used outside do not become water damaged and they do not need to be sealed.

Porcelain patio tiles

Unlike stone patios, porcelain tiles do not become discoloured or worn over time. This means there is no costly repairs fixing broken or deteriorated patio tiles which is typical of stone.

When it comes to patio paving there is no better choice than porcelain tiles. Even a regular Ferreira’s porcelain tile has added traction, making it safe to use outside where conditions may be wet. However, our R+PTV range takes slip resistance to the next level. PTV stands for pendulum test value, which is a measure of how slip-resistant a surface is. All the tiles in our R+PTV range have a minimum slip resistance of 36. This provides excellent slip-resistance, and this range can be used anywhere outside, including around pool and hot tubs for added safety.

Above, you can view all the Ferreira’s outdoor porcelain tile collections. You can discuss your needs with our expert team via telephone on 020 8076 8567 or by email info@ferreiras.co.uk.

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