4 Ways to Incorporate Gold into Your Home
Posted on February 5, 2021

Gold can go really right or really wrong when it comes to home interiors. Used correctly, gold can exude luxury to any space it is being added to. What is so special about gold, and many metallics, is that a little goes a long way. You can transform a space with

However, there are times when it can look tacky. Gold is colour that can exude luxury when adopted tastefully into your home. Below, we highlight some of our favourite ways to introduce the metallic hue into your interior design without it being gaudy.

Gold hardware

Adding metallic touches in your home can really set off a colour scheme. Jewel tones contrast beautifully with gold accents, such as emerald green kitchen tiles with a gold tap or bedroom furniture with gold drawer and wardrobe fixtures. Gold doesn’t have to be overbearing when introduced into an interior design scheme, nor does it have to be expensive.

Other ways to include gold hardware in your home include:

  • Gold door handles and knobs
  • Gold light switches and plug sockets
  • Gold light fittings and fixtures

Chandeliers and lamps

Lighting is great place to stat when looking for an easy way to add gold into your home. From standing lamps to lampshades, there are a plethora of different lighting styles in a variety of gold hues that you can purchase for your home.

Furthermore, if you have a chandelier or lamp that you particularly like – but would love more if it was gold – you can save yourself some pennies by upcycling it yourself. Simply get your hands on some gold spray paint (appropriate for the surface you will be covering) and create your dream lighting fixture.

Gold accents and accessories

The wonderful thing about interior design is that each room acts as a canvas. Whilst there is no doubt that the paint or wallpaper we use can have a huge impact on a space, it is often the furniture and decorative items that really pull an aesthetic together. When you are considering different ways of introducing gold into your home don’t forget items such as:

  • Photoframes
  • Mirrors
  • Vases
  • Candles and candle holders
  • Bookcases and storage
  • Bedding and cushions
  • Ornaments and trinkets
  • Seating and stools
  • Console tables and dressers
  • Coffee tables

So many decorative and useful items can have gold accents for you to add to your colour scheme. Many stools, tables and shelves have gold framework, and gold vases and ornaments can bring different nooks of a room to life.

Gold porcelain tiles

Add a dash of grandeur to your space with gold marble tiles. Ferreira’s marble-effect porcelain tiles are woven with ribbons of gold, providing a subtle and classic way to include the colour in your home décor.

For gold lovers, Thunder Night is a must to consider for any modern home. The marble look porcelain tile has a base of midnight black which is interjected with lightning bolts of gold.

For something lighter, Etoile Symphonie from the Etoile Di Ferreiras collection is a white-based marble look porcelain tile. Each tile, on an off-white background, is strewn with veins of graphite and gold.

An even more subtle approach to gold marble flooring is from Ferreira’s Classici Di Ferreiras collection. Classici Calacatta Gold presents off-white tiles with grey and gold ribbons throughout.

If you are looking to incorporate porcelain tiles into your home why not get in contact with the expert team at Ferreira’s today? We would be happy to help you incorporate gold into your home with our different collections of tiles. Call 020 8076 8567 or email info@ferreirs.co.uk for a conversation regarding your tiling needs.