Wetroom Ideas: How to Choose Bathroom Tile Colours?
Posted on October 5, 2021

As a homeowner, styling your wetroom is a step you must not skip. Whether you’re renovating your home or designing a new one, the bathroom is the final piece of the puzzle. Stylise it right, and the overall aesthetic of your humble abode will be undeniable!

To do this, you must browse bathroom tile ideas that make your wetroom complement your home’s all-around theme. This means, exploring not just the tile materials, like ceramic, glass, natural stone, etc., but attractive colours as well. 

Yes, with innumerable colour options to choose from, you might get overwhelmed. Instead, take a look at this comprehensive guide on how to choose bathroom tiles with the best shades to amp up the aesthetics.

Select the Colour Palette 

Alright, first things first. The best way to start the colour selection is to have a selected colour scheme in mind. This will also make it easier to purchase tiles and expedite the entire process. You can explore multiple bathroom tile ideas and even check out real-time colour options at UK’s best tiles website.

Colour Palette

If you’re set on a monochrome look, you can consider grey bathroom tile ideas, which are quite popular in modern homes. You can also contrast or even mix and match the wall and floor tiles, and accompany them with a patterned or textured accent tile for a splash of grandeur. 

Monochrome ain’t your thing? Then you can go all-out and choose bathroom tiles with saturated hues, such as deep browns, navy blues, olive greens, etc. 

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How to Decide On the Right Bathroom Tile Ideas

Now that you’ve decided on the colour palette, you can begin by examining various shades that can complement your chosen aesthetic. While it all boils down to your taste when selecting the tiles’ colour, here are a few tips to help you out: –

1. Lighter colours for small bathrooms

Lighter colours for small bathrooms
Experts usually recommend white tiles as the go-to choice for small wetrooms. But who’s to say you can’t probe other small bathroom tile ideas? Shades like light green, pale blue, faded peach, etc. are fantastic options for the spa-like appearance. 

If you’re into neutral colours, a soft tan or light grey tile would be the perfect pick for an elegant look. The best part? The subtle and airy appearance of these tiles also helps make bathrooms look brighter and larger!

2. Darker shades for window-less bathrooms

Darker shades for window-less bathrooms

If bright and neutral colour choices don’t thrill you, don’t be discouraged. These aren’t the only options, as you can go with darker tiles that complement window-less bathrooms superbly. 

The very obvious choice is black porcelain tile, which instantly creates a classy look for the bathroom. You can pair these tiles with stylish bulbs and large mirrors that become the centre stage and complete the look. If you’d like to go out-of-the-box, choose a charcoal shade, which has become all the rave when talking about modern bathroom tile ideas. Put a marble countertop, and voila! Your oh-so-elegant wetroom theme is done. 

3. Colorful and saturated tones for larger bathrooms

Colorful and saturated tones for larger bathrooms

With a bigger wetroom, you have more room to play with, and hence, more colours to choose from. If you’re going for a nautical look, you can choose a complete powder-blue theme, or mix and match between bleached teal faded sky blue and still incorporate the powder-blue shade. 

For an earthy aesthetic, you can select mustard, tan, deep brown, griege (grey and beige) etc., which complement wooden accents perfectly. If you’re feeling experimental, go with unique bathroom tiles with hunter green, stormy blue, peachy pink, mint, etc. colours. 

4. The right combination of a dark and light-coloured tile

The right combination of a dark and light-coloured tile

When it comes to bathroom floor tile ideas, you can choose to go with a dark shade. Once you pair this with a light-coloured wall tile, the modern aesthetic will be complete and you’ll be left with a bathroom bound to turn heads. The combination can be anything, from black and white to beige and dark green. Go crazy!

5. Subway tiles for just about any bathroom

Subway tiles for just about any bathroom

If you simply want to avoid the plight of browsing hundreds of colour options and styles, go for the evergreen choice – subway tiles! Inspired by the classic New York subway walls, these are clean, versatile, trendy, and suit almost any aesthetic you decide on. You can easily go for white, blue, green, or other natural hues for your subway tiles, be it for a small or a large wetroom.

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To Sum It Up

Needless to say, there are umpteen colour choices for your bathroom tile paint ideas. Just ensure that the shades you opt for, accompany the overall theme of your home. To make things easier, you can check out the available colour choices at the top tile brands to choose the tiles that you find best. 


  1. Should bathroom floors be darker than the walls?
    Ans: While most homeowners opt for darker floor tiles and lighter wall tiles in bathrooms, it’s not a hard-and-fast rule. You can be adventurous and explore multiple combinations to see which suits your palette best.
  2. Which colour is best for floor tiles?
    Ans: Floor tiles are the ones that last extensively long. Hence, you must opt for neutral colours that can weather the test of time. Apart from the quintessential white shade, you can choose a soft grey or tan shade.
  3. What colour makes your bathroom look bigger?
    Ans: White-coloured tiles are the champion in making bathrooms appear more spacious. They carry this bonus advantage as the colour reflects light better than most others. Plus, all-white bathroom themes never go out of style!