The 20 Best Evergreen Tiles for Your Bathroom
Posted on July 28, 2021

In today’s time, it’s an absolute necessity for your bathroom design to match your overall home interior vibe. Having an aesthetic bathroom really amps up the look of your home. You need the best tiles for the bathroom to really give your place a good vibe.

A lot of people ignore the fact that their bathroom needs an update along with their home. To have an evergreen vibe to your bathroom, you need to add luxury and sophistication with a hint of minimalism. You can find various inspiration for bathroom tiles, online and offline.

As of 2021, people in the UK are loving colours like black, white, green and blue along with a hand-painted finish to give a very bold yet evergreen touch. The addition of brasswares on the glazed surface too is loved to give a different kind of effect to the bathroom. Let’s take a look at the best tiles for your bathroom in 2021!

The Best Tiles For Bathroom

As a homeowner, a lot of people want their bathroom to have a calm and relaxing effect rather than adding a lot of bling to it. Here are some of the best tile ideas that go well with almost every house style!

  1. The Contemporary Look

Contemporary Look Tile

The contemporary look is very popular due to its stylish and minimalistic look. Large-format tiles work great when it comes to adding a contemporary touch to space. Colours like white and grey go really well and it also gives a very clean and organized look. You can also try out neutral tones to give a more natural tone. Applying the wood effect to your bathroom space will give a very calming and relaxing effect.

Large-sized tiles give a very seamless appearance because of fewer grout gaps. Adding a contemporary touch to your bathroom space will definitely add stars to your overall home interior.

  1. Going All Out

Have you ever thought of trying out bold colours for your bathroom space? If not, then you should. The patterned tiles add a beautiful statement to your bathroom. Picking unique designs can help accentuate a part of your bathroom really well. The bold colours create a heavy impact and also give your space the makeover it deserves.

Various websites offer the best tiles for bathrooms. These tiles are designed to add a touch of sophistication and luxury to your space. You can look for colourful tiles with jewel-like tones to give it a radiant look.

  1. The Classic One

Classic tiles

If you are looking for inspiration for your bathroom decor, consider the Victorian tiles designs. People in the UK have started considering Victorian tile ideas once again. This is one of the most evergreen tile designs that can never go wrong. Victorian design is a classic English style that has muted neutral tones in it. You can use black and white or go for muted pastel colours to make the space bright and beautiful.

Go for colours like Royal Blue, Burgundy, Victorian green and many more to add aesthetic.

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  1. The Spa Feels

A spa uses very calming colours to help its customers relax. If you are planning on making your bathroom look spa-style, just go for it. All you need is large-sized neutral coloured tiles to give the same effect. These tiles usually have a stone or wood effect. Pair up your favourite tile with a hint of Mosaics for a much calmer tone.

  1. Smaller Tiles

You need not compromise on style when it comes to the compact bathroom. Picking the right tiles can actually help you step up the game. Look for reflective and glazed tiles so that light can bounce around and create an illusion of a bigger space. Glossy tiles come in various colours, shapes and formats.

You can find the best tiles for the bathroom on the website in the UK.

  1. Go a Bit Industrial

A combination of textured and geometric tiles have been in for a really long time. Such designs give a very evergreen look to any bathroom space. You should look for tiles with mixed materials and natural hues to get that look. Check out the best tile sellers in the UK to amp up your bathroom space.

  1. Go Natural

Tiles with an earthy tone is a very old trend that people still love in 2021. It helps you open space with natural colours like brown and grey. They are subtle and give a very premium touch. You can go minimalist with design at the best tile seller in the UK.

  1. Penny Tiles

Penny tile has been in trend for a really long time. It creates a focal point that adds depth to your bathroom area. They are commendable for the shower area. Use shades of grey if your bathroom has a pastel colour interior. Look for various shades and formats before settling on one.

  1. Marble Design

Marble Design

Marble gives a very royal touch to any space. They are perfect to describe elegance and sophistication. White marble with light grey designs really works. Another great combination is a black marble with veins of gold or copper that gives a very elegant look.

  1. Traditional Tile

If you have access to traditional design tiles, just go for it. They are colourful and can never get old. Try looking for the best designs, shapes and formats before buying. Make sure you contact the interior designer for better assistance.

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  1. Mix & Match

Pick your favourite pattern and colour tiles and place them in such a way that it creates a story. Do not hurry while selecting tiles when following mix and match patterns. Select a lighter tone for your wall as compared to your floor. After you are done with this, choose your shower area tiles accordingly. This is a very tricky trend, so getting the help of a professional might ease your work.

  1. Quirky Print

Installing quirky design tiles on your wall can really lift up your mood. Prints like honeycomb, web and many more are very much in trend. They work as an accent wall for your bathroom area. Make sure you install them on one side of the wall and continue the rest with a pastel colour that goes well with your initial tiles.

  1. Interlocking Tiles

They are a fun way to amp up your space. They act as a backdrop and look really aesthetic. You will find such designs everywhere. This type of tile comes in various colours, shapes, effects and formats. Pick your favourite design and you are good to go.

  1. Blue & White

Blue & White tiles

Do you know what colour really goes well together? It’s blue and white. They are one of the most calming colours that can make your bathroom the relaxing point of your home. Choose the best tiles for the bathroom and renovate your space. These tiles will go well with other parts of your space.

  1. Glossy White

Large and glossy tiles give an illusion of a bigger space. They give a very soothing effect and are quite popular in the UK. Colour coordinate your other items in the bathroom to open more space. These glossy tiles bounce back a lot of light, thus, makes your bathroom brighter and bigger.

  1. Retro Style

If you have the courage, go full Retro on your bathroom. With bright poppy colours, you can create patterns for your floor and wall areas. Go full quirky with a retro touch.

  1. Stripes

Adding stripes to your bathroom elongates the area. Pick two different shades of the same colour on your wall. Keep your floor neutral or it will make space look a bit cluttered and not serve the purpose.

  1. Go Floral

Add an element of surprise to your bathroom by adding floral floor tile. Keeping your wall neutral, your floor tiles will add depth to your space. Give a rustic touch with white wood panels to your bathroom.

  1. Gingham

Gingham is one of the oldest designs that people have been loving for years. It gives a preppy as well as a chic look. Add a gingham pattern to your floor, preferably white and black. Pick your favourite pattern now to follow this trend.

  1. A Hint of Turquoise

Turquoise is such a colour that adds a jolt of personality. It gives a very sophisticated look and really adds to the bathroom setup. Incorporate golden or brass fittings to give a more royal look. Make sure you pick the right shade so that it opens up space for you.

Turquoise tiles

Finding the best tiles for the bathroom can be a bit tricky if you are clueless. These top trends can surely inspire you to renovate your bathroom. At Ferreira’s, we have a team of experts that help you with picking the right tile for the right space. They are available for your service pre, during and post the installation. Check them out for trendy tiles that will give your space a new look!