How to Clean Grout Between Floor and Wall Tiles?
Posted on September 20, 2021

A tile adds beauty and durability to the wall and floor and they are super easy to clean and maintain. But, that’s not the case with grout. It is a challenging task to keep up with grout cleaning because of its texture and colour. Since grouts are light and have porous composition, it gets stained easily. You might be wondering what tile grout is, or how to clean floor tile grout. You have a problem, we got a solution to it!

No matter how disgusting it looks, we are happy to tell you that grout cleaning is possible with the help of your regular household products. But before getting into that, let’s learn more about what grout exactly is!

What is Grout?

What is Grout

Tile grout is a thick and dense fluid that is used to seal the joint between tiles. The liquid sticks the tile together as well as seals the space between them. Once the liquid dries up, it will convert into a fluid concrete that will keep all the tiles in place. To be safe, it is important to get waterproof and mould proof tile grout for places like the bathroom and kitchen.

Apart from playing a major role in the installation process, tile grout also provides aesthetic appeal by creating subtle effects. To make your tiles stronger, tile grout is applied to alleviate minor stresses and also create a neat transition between the tiles. Cleaning the tile grout can be a bit messy, refer to the best tile provider in the UK for a hassle-free query.

Types of Grouts

Tile grouts come in four basic categories: unsanded, fine sanded, quarry type and epoxy.

Unsanded Grout: If you need to install wall tile, make use of unsanded grout. In such a case, the grout joint is less than 1/ 8” wide.

Finely Sanded Grout: This is perfect for laying your floor tiles where the grout joints are 1/ 8” to 3/ 8” wide.

Quarry Grout: Quarry grout is similar to finely sanded grout except it is much coarser. It is preferable for joints that are 3/ 8” wide to 1/ 2” wide.

Epoxy Grout: Epoxy grout is the mixture of an epoxy resin and hardener. It is highly resistant to stains and chemicals. This type of grout also has an ideal bonding strength. These are used for countertops and other areas that are susceptible to stains.

How To Clean Floor & Wall Tile Grout

cleaning floor tile grout

Tile grout lines attract a lot of stains so it is important to keep them clean frequently. Are you wondering how to clean floor tile grout? Let us help you out!

Scrub it off: With the help of a hard bristled brush and plain warm water, scrub off the accumulated dirt in the grout. If you do not have a brush, you can also look at the hardware store for one that is suitable and designed for this job. Spray water on the area and scrub it in a circular motion. Let it dry!

Use vinegar & water mixture: To get rid of heavy stains and dirt, vinegar is the most effective and trusted solution. Mix vinegar and warm water in equal parts and spray it on the grout. Let the solution sit for five minutes and then scrub it with a stiff-bristled brush.

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Try out chlorine bleach: You can get your hands on chlorine bleach in extreme cases. When all the techniques fail, chlorine bleach comes to the rescue.

chlorine bleach clean

Steam clean the grout lines: Get a steam mop for effective cleaning. It is easy to use on the worst grout stains. Being one of the most environmentally-friendly ways of cleaning, steam mops work really well on stubborn stains.

Use sealers on grout: To seal the pores, prevent any grime, grit and mould to infiltrate, use a good quality sealer. Due to its porous nature, it is easy for dirt to enter and create staining. With the help of a sealer, you do not have to worry about such things. Just sit back and relax.

Bottom Line

tile grouts

As a newbie, you might be haunted by questions like how to clean floor tile grout. But it is very easy to clean and maintain once you get the hang of it. Tile grout is a very important element in fixing your tiles with one another. It acts as an adhesive and binds two tiles together. This way you are protecting your floors and walls as well. Since the tile grout can get dirty and mouldy, it is important to maintain and clean it regularly. In this way, you will increase the life of your tile grout.