The 10 Tile Trends to Follow in 2021
Posted on July 20, 2021

If you have been planning on remodelling your home, keep a budget for tile. They play an important part in adding accent and depth to any space. Pavers are very popular so it is smart to include your outdoor living space in the renovation process.

In recent times we have witnessed a lot of changes in the tile industry. From designs to colour to quality, tile manufacturers have come a long way.

Here is a list of the best tile trends in 2021 to help you figure out what works the best for your space.

Popular Tile Trends in 2021

These are the popular tile trends that people are going crazy about. Check them out!

1. Spa Style

Spa Style Title

The spa-style tile trend is one of the most popular ones in 2021. The textures and tones are inspired by nature. You will find effects related to sand, sea and sky when it comes to spa-style trends. A spa is a place where one goes to relax. Installing bold colours in the space is not a clever option for people who are more into subtle tones.

This tile trend was created to give a spa-like ambience and get you relaxed. If you love the sky, forest, sea, sand or basically, nature, go for the spa-style tile trend in your bathroom area.

2. Touch of Green

Green tiles

Adding a pop of green has been quite a trend in the UK in 2021. A textured tile gives depth to your space. Try out different shades of green, focusing on darker ones if your space has a more subtle or lighter tone to it. Pair emerald coloured tile with a dull wall, preferably grey, to create a masterpiece. This will definitely create a vibe.

3. Retro Vibes

Retro Vibes tiles

One thing that can never get old is retro vibes. Incorporating retro concrete designs into your kitchen is a very old architectural trend that has been followed for so long that they are back in 2021.

The major reason for their popularity is that it requires very low maintenance and creates a very playful pattern to your kitchen area. This trend is perfect for creative minds as it will totally go well with their personality. Porcelain tiles are strong so it is another added benefit for your kitchen area.

4. Terrazzo Time

Terrazzo tiles

If you are energetic and fun and you want your space to totally justify this trait, go for the Terrazzo trend. They have been popular in the architectural business so it comes back every now and then. This tile trend is perfect for both indoor as well as outdoor spaces. The terrazzo tiles come in both oversized as well as smaller sizes. You can choose from various shapes, effects and designs for your space.

Go full retro or Victorian with terrazzo tiles!

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5. Glossy Time

Glossy tiles

Do you crave glamour? Or do you prefer to have a luxurious vibe to your space? We got your back. Glossy tiles are perfect if you want your home or office to scream sophistication.

However, if you are picking glossy tiles for your space, make sure you apply a slip-resistant protective coat to avoid people falling when wet, especially in the bathroom.

6. Extra-Large Tiles

Extra-Large Tiles

If we are talking about popular tile trends in 2021, XXL tiles have to be a part of it. They are perfect for applying on various surfaces and can help you create a design as per your need. These tiles come in sizes up to 5.25-by-10.5-feet and thickness ranges from 3.5 mm to 2cm. Check out various colours, designs and shapes as these are very important factors when looking for tiles.

7. Stone Like Tile

Due to advanced technology, architects are using porcelain imitators that give an effect of marble or a real stone. They are easy to maintain, unlike natural marble. The fact that they look exactly like a precious stone is a win-win situation!

8. Biophilia

Biophilia tiles

How can we ignore Biophilia when talking about tile trends in 2021. This has been quite a popular trend all across the UK.  Porcelain tiles have come a long way and are taking a more natural approach. They give an untreated wood kind of look. Giving a pure and natural vibe, Biophilia has been quite the talk of the tile industry ever since the pandemic is here.

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9. The Flecked Style

Flecked Style tiles

This tile trend adds a splash of energy to your walls and tiles. They come with fine or chunky flecks. Pick your favourite size flecked tile and give a very unique touch to your space. If you are planning on using it, try installing them in your living area so give a very grand welcome to your guests.

10. Soft Touch

Soft Touch tiles

Even in 2021, soft and toned-down design is a very common tile trend. They give a natural and soft look to your space. This tile trend adds a minimal touch to your space. Such tiles work best in the bathroom to give a very relaxed touch.

Bottom Line

Picking the right tile can be such a pain. We understand you need everything perfect when it comes to remodelling your home or office space. Tiles play an important role in adding personality and depth to space. At Ferreira’s, we have a team that will help you in all the stages of construction. With their huge range of tiles from all across the world, get in touch with our team of experts for guidance.