Step By Step Guide to Laying Outdoor Porcelain Tiles
Posted on November 16, 2021

For most beginners, laying the outdoor porcelain tile is not a piece of cake. In fact, it is pretty tough to even think about it, without any professional advice or help. Laying these tiles is different from laying the natural stone ones. 

But the best part is that exterior porcelain tiles are something new and different. There has been an enormous increase in residents going for outdoor porcelain tiles in the UK. So here, let us make it simple by guiding you through the process of laying the outdoor porcelain tiles.

First of all, you have to select the porcelain tiles that you want on your patio. They can be sleek and chic porcelain pavers too. Porcelain pavers are stylish and easy to install. After selecting the tiles, the following instructions have to be followed.

How to Lay Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

Step 1:

You have to properly prepare and mark the outdoor site on which you’re going to lay the porcelain tiles. This step becomes even more important if your area is not of definite shape like square or rectangle. Similarly, if you’re starting from scratch, a solid sub-base is a must. The sub-base should consist of Type 1 MOT, 50-100 mm.

Also, there is a high probability that you may end up with slippery and wet tiles. To avoid that, have a 1.2cm drop for every 1m. Once, you’re done with this, mark the circumference of the area.

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Step 2 :

How to Lay Outdoor Porcelain Tiles












Prepping the outdoor porcelain tiles is the next step. Just cement will be no good as porcelain tiles are denser and less porous. Therefore, it is important to prime the backside surface of the tiles/slabs.

Step 3:

This is the most important and time-consuming step. Now, you have to prepare the concrete mixture. For this, the 4:1 ratio of sand and cement respectively have to be mixed. 

outdoor porcelain tiles












It is useful to remember the exterior porcelain tiles should be laid on the dry mix. This will allow you to place and adjust the tiles easily.  

Step 4:

Kick off the journey of laying the tiles by placing the first one very carefully. It has to be lined up perfectly along the string. Make sure that there is a slight slant in the tile’s outwards direction. 

The concrete mix should be placed at the base and around the edges of the tile. After laying the tiles, tap them lightly and let them sit evenly for about 12-14 hours. Don’t touch them as even the slightest gap in the tile can make the grout crack.

Step 5:

When laying the tiles, make sure that you’re going outwards as you will end up ruining the setting process. Draw out a map and number the tiles accordingly. After that, decide the direction from where you will start and end. Smooth out the edges so that the tiles will slide down.

outdoor porcelain tiles














Step 6 :

The cement will take up to 24 hours or more. So don’t go anywhere near it. Make sure that all the tiles are even. The worst part is that even a mistake has to be resolved as it can result in faulty and unhinged flooring. 

Step 7:

outdoor porcelain tiles laying












The next step would be Grouting. It is rightly said to be one of the toughest part of the job. Careful not to mix too much grout mixture as it will start to dry quickly. 

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Step 8 :

You’re almost done here. Continue the process of carefully placing the porcelain tiles outdoors. After the completion of the work, have a moment and enjoy! People usually skip this part but savoring the moment is crucial. So enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Cleaning Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

One of the major advantages of having outdoor or exterior porcelain tiles is that they are easy to clean. What would you need? Not much, really. First of all, you need to sweep the outdoor patio with a simple household broom.

Have a bucket full of soapy water and start with scrubbing the floor. Cover all the outdoor tiles and scrub away all the dirt and dust residue.

That’s it, leave it to dry, and then you’re done. No bleaching or any cleaning detergent is required.

Cleaning Outdoor Porcelain Tiles














Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Are outdoor porcelain tiles slippery?

Answer: There are various kinds of finishes available in outdoor porcelain tiles. Most of these tiles are not slippery by nature. 

2. Do outdoor porcelain tiles break easily?

Answer: Porcelain Tiles are known for their denser quality. They do not break easily. 

3. Can any porcelain tile be used outdoors?

Answer: Yes, they have become quite common and popular in the European continent, especially in the UK.

outdoor porcelain tiles














4. How long does outdoor porcelain tile last?

Answer: Lifetime, if maintained the correct way. But it easily lasts for more than 10 years.

5. Are outdoor porcelain tiles expensive?

Answer: Yes, but they last a lifetime and save your overall expense. Have a look at our collection of Outdoor Porcelain Tiles. 

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The whole commotion around the use of Porcelain Tiles in patios and other outdoor areas is very important. It shows that even after being a luxurious product, residents all across Europe, especially the UK, are embracing it. So, it’s never too late!