A Complete Guide on How to Buy Outdoor Tiles
Posted on November 2, 2021

Outdoor spaces have recently gained popularity, urging them to be more functional and aesthetically pleasing. It led to a surge in the types of outdoor tiles, with people demanding durable, robust make and several designs. With the increase in the popularity of alfresco living, outdoor space is not only for gardening but also for spending evenings with friends or enjoying the sun.

As our outdoors become an extension of the home, it is essential to allow the consumer to choose the design, know how to get the most of their desired pick, and recommend some sure-shot ways to get the most ideal outdoor space. Take a look at our buying guide on outdoor tiles!

Outdoor Tiles – Why should you use them?

Using tiles outdoors has been enhanced in the last few years, and with more advanced production technology, we get a lot more options than before. To make the outdoor space practical, useful and attractive, it is important to opt for tiles that are designed to bear the outdoor characteristics. Therefore, it becomes essential to opt for specific tile qualities to make your outdoor space more accessible and beautiful. A shabby backyard is nobody’s dream.

Where to use outdoor tiles?

Outdoor tiles are ideal for any space, ranging from tiny terraces to patios. There is nowhere where outdoor tiles won’t radiate, allowing you to enjoy the various styles almost anywhere. Here are a few places where you can use the outdoor tiles:


Some people like the lush green lawns, and like to maintain their garden to the best, but some like to keep it covered. If you’re a fan of a sturdy base, outdoor gatherings, and enjoy the good ol’ sun, you might consider using outdoor tiles to cover the grass. They can transform any patch of grass into a perfect patio.

Paths and Patios

Who doesn’t want to cover their paths and patios with beautiful looking tiles! Outdoor tiles are extremely suitable for your outside patios and might not even demand a lot of care. You can opt for stone-effect tiles for an authentic outdoor feeling.

Terraces & Balconies

If you’re not looking to cover your grass and garden, an outdoor tile might suit other areas like terraces and balconies. The various designs allow you to customize the entire area, and make it as fun and good-looking as you want it to be.

Some people might even use porcelain tiles to cover their swimming pool. But in the end, it is your choice!

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Why are Porcelain Tiles an Ideal Outdoor Tile Option?

Porcelain Tiles are an ideal outdoor tile option for a variety of reasons, including:

  1. Porcelain slabs are resistant to moisture, making them almost waterproof. The water does not penetrate the surface, which keeps your new flooring maintained without any rot or cracks. 
  2. Spilling something on your brand new tiles can be a nightmare, but that does not necessarily mean you turn a slave to it. Porcelain slabs are really easy to clean and do not stain easily. 
  3. Porcelain slabs are weather-resistant, which means that they are unaffected by UV rays and other weather conditions. They don’t fade over time and keep their shine over a long period.
  4. Porcelain slabs are an ideal outdoor tile as they are extremely durable offering outstanding strength and performance. They can be used without a care in high-traffic areas. You can drag all the furniture you want!
  5. Nobody is a fan of slippery surfaces. Porcelain slabs are a safer option as they are slip-resistant, especially if you live in a wet climate.
  6. Installation of porcelain tiles is very easy as compared to other ones. You will see this in the next section that we discuss. 
  7. Porcelain offers various styles, imitating almost every effect. Whether you are looking for the stone-effect, wood-effect, or a simple marble look, everything is available with porcelain tiles. 

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How to install the porcelain slabs outdoors?

How to install the porcelain slabs outdoors














Everyone has questions regarding the installation of outdoor tiles. Even though they are a pretty easy fit, you should know how to do it ideally. Let’s take a look at the various installations.

Installation on Grass

Installation on Grass is probably the easiest. You can simply lay the tiles directly on the lawn, without fixing them. It makes it easy to reposition them, and you can also play around to create a creative design. Moreover, when the grass grows in between them, it calls for a very natural, breathtaking look. 

Installation on Gravel & Sand

Similar to the grass installation, porcelain slabs can be simply laid to the sand/gravel base. Here, a permanent fix is not possible, and since there is no adhesive to dry, you can start using the tiles immediately. However, the joints between the slabs will need filling. 

Installation on Concrete Slab

To install the porcelain slabs on concrete slabs permanently, it is essential to use a porcelain tile adhesive that is specially curated for outdoor use. It is also very essential to grout the joints, so there is no area for the moisture and dirt to seep in and collect. This installation is ideal for standard 10mm thick porcelain slabs. 

This brings us to the end of our buying guide on outdoor tiles. I hope this was informative and helpful. 

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