The 10 Beautiful Pink Tiles & Where to Use Them?
Posted on November 9, 2021

If you are familiar with colour theory, pink is considered an intimate colour that represents the love of oneself. It also helps in promoting inner peace that is why you can spot pink tiles in bathrooms. We need to make peace with ourselves so incorporating pink tiles in our bathroom is a smart choice. However, pink tiles are not always soothing, there are shades like hot pink that help in reviving and awaken you in the morning. These can be added to various other parts of the room to help you wake up fresh and bright.

Beautiful Pink Tile Designs For Your Space

With different shades of this colour, you can play a lot with pink tiles when making or renovating your space. We are sharing our 10 best pink tile ideas that you can install in different parts of your home.

Pretty Pastels:

Pretty Pastels












Before you are planning on selecting bathroom fixtures and furniture, you need to visualize how everything will look together. You should have an idea about how things work together.

In case you are planning on going wild, you can use large pink tiles for your bathroom. If properly accessorised, you can install the tiles in the entire space. When it comes to adding brightness, pastel pink tiles will undoubtedly be a perfect choice. In case you have a small space, consider using pink tiles in small sections.

A Splash of Pink: 















When it comes to adding a fantastic accent to a space, the kitchen area works the best. There are various ways you can add pink tiles in different ways. You can incorporate square tiles, graphic tiles, herringbone patterns and other tile types. To make your kitchen space more attractive, play with backsplash areas too.

Get your hands on trendy pink tiles to add depth as well as an accent to your kitchen space. If you have a small kitchen space, pick bright and light colours for to open space. In case there is no natural light, try pink bright pink tiles.

Neutral Pink Shades: 

Neutral Pink Shades
















To open any dark or small space, neutral colours work the best. They have a soothing effect and are best for spaces like a bedroom. Since pink is such an intimate colour, trying out some subtle neutral pink tile can help you make the most out of your existing space. Play around with the furniture, accent pieces and other things to add more details to your room. Neutral pink tiles are bound to add warmth to your bedroom that will make you sleep well.

Crazy Patterns: 

Crazy Patterns












If you are all about colours and styles, installing hot pink tiles as an accent wall in your living room can work really well. However, you need to be extra cautious when planning the design.

Sometimes, it can go wrong. This is why taking the help of a professional is extremely important. They will help you guide what you should and should not do in a particular space. The tile manufacturers too have free sample services that can give you a lot of ideas if the colour you are leaning towards is really worth it or not.

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From Floor to The Ceiling: One of the most common tile trends is to install the same design tile from floor to ceiling. This helps in elongating the room. Mostly such trends are put into action for places that are smaller in size. A lot of people in the UK, try out this kind of tile design in the bathroom to give an illusion of a bigger room.

Victorian Style: 

Victorian Style




















In the older days, people in the UK would get Victorian-style tiles as a sign of royalty. However, this trend has never been out of fashion. People still consider Victorian style pink tiles as a perfect option for places like bathrooms, balconies, and even kitchen areas. They are quite trendy and come in different styles and shades of pink.

If you truly love this form of tile design, go for it. To accentuate the design, add more plants and quirky pieces to the spaces as an accent element.

Different Shades of Pink: It’s never too late to try to mix and match tile design if you are up for it. You can pick three different shades of pink tiles and play around with them. You can find a lot of inspiration and ideas on the internet. In case you do not want that, refer to the tile dealers as they are always ready to help you out with suggestions and ideas. Try out with simple tiles as mix and match can be a little too much if the patterns in the tile are too crazy.

Chequered Design: If you look for tile design on different platforms, one thing that will be common is the chequered design. Make use of pink and white tiles to add light and colour to your space. It is one of the best combinations that you can install in your bathroom or bedroom areas. They instantly uplift the mood. Go crazy with golden showpieces and other unique items that can help you add depth to your space.

Bottom Line

Pink tile is a lot more common in interior design than we think. This trend is quite prevalent in the UK. You do not build a home every day which is why you need to be thoughtful in order to make things right. Pick out the best tiles that will make your home look prettier than usual.