The 10 Tile Shapes that Go With Every Living Room
Posted on August 24, 2021

Your living room says a lot about your sense of style. When it comes to choosing perfect materials for remodelling, living room tile design makes a huge difference. There are varieties of colours, shapes, patterns and textures available in the market. However, it is up to you to find your perfect design.

Living room tiles design play a huge role in determining the overall layout of the space. There are ten tile shapes that you can consider when getting your living area renovated.

Tile Shapes For Living Room

You will face an endless number of tile shapes, designs, colours, etc when renovating your living area. These tile shapes will help you solve all your confusion regarding the ideal design for your living area.

1. Triangle Design

Triangle Design

Triangle might seem like an unusual design to be incorporated into your living room, but it is a unique one. The different designs and quirkiness make it different from other regular tiles. If you are planning to give an edge to your new remodelled living space, you need to check out triangle tiles. When you are all about living room tiles design, pick out triangle tiles from the best tiles website in the UK.

2. Subway Tiles

Subway Tiles

Subway tiles, being a subset of rectangular tiles, are quite possibly the most well-known tile shapes. They are straightforward, flexible, and have exquisite extents. Because of their typical lustrous, coated completion, subway tiles are stain-safe, simple to clean and mirror light. They make dazzling backsplashes in the living room and work well when utilized. These days, subway tile is accessible in an assortment of materials, similar to pottery, stone, glass, and marble, to give some examples.

3. Mermaid Tiles

Mermaid Tiles

Also known as scalloped tiles, fish scale tile offers an oceanic shape ideal for waterfront and beachy inside stylistic layouts. While the dreary bends of the fish scale tile are quieting, the shape’s novel example makes perky energy. Fish scale living room tile design can be masterminded looking down for a mermaid scale impact, up for a dawn impact, to one side or right, askew, or in a way that makes relieving breathtaking lines. Consider changing from tile to divider along the tile’s regular shape to cause you to notice the special example. While many plans select blue, green, and radiant shadings to advance the beachfront look, fish scale tile matches well with any tone.

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4. Hexagon Tiles

Hexagon Tiles

Hexagonal tiles are accessible as little shapes for mosaic plans that cause a space to be more open and spacey. Introduce designs with various tones to add a charming component to hexagonal living room tiles design of a similar size.

5. Square Tiles

Make an exemplary look by introducing square examples in a straight lay, askew (at a 45-degree point), offset or in a pinwheel design. To take it up a notch, take a stab at blending materials or introduce a Versailles design, which is an instant mix of various sizes of squares and square shapes, to frame an eye-getting plan.

6. Rectangle Tiles

Rectangle Tiles

Rectangle living room tile design trend are a staple for some tile plans. In their least complex structure, rectangles can be laid upward or on a level plane, a significant decision that can help outwardly extend or protract a space and direct your view a particular way. You can likewise counterbalance rectangle tiles to make staggering examples. For instance, the consistently well-known tram tile or the running bond design is commonly connected with wood-look flooring. Lay rectangular tiles at 90 degrees to one another to make the herringbone tile example, or encompass a square with rectangle tiles to make the windmill tile design.

7. Small Squares & Bricks

Small Squares & Bricks

For the individuals who love a more nitty-gritty look or have a more modest space to cover, Small Squares and Bricks could be the most ideal decision for living room tile design. A more modest form of Subway tile shape, the tiles can be utilized with many tones to make an excellent, bound together mix!

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8. Penny Rounds

Penny Rounds

These straightforward yet tasteful tiles are immortal—regardless of whether you’re strolling on a 1900s powder room floor or eating at a 21st-century bar, Penny Rounds are rarely awkward and will consistently be in style. Attempt them in a solitary tone or make your shading mix for an eye-catching other option.

9. Mod Mosaics

Mod Mosaics

Love circles, squares, and rectangles? Mod Mosaics will fulfil all your math yearnings in one bound together, clean look. Clean lines and surprising flies of shading make for complex, eye-getting math that adds length or stature to any space. This tile format is an advanced retro dream.

10. Pentagon Tiles

Pentagon Tiles

What has five sides and makes a solitary look in any space? Pentagon tiles! Regardless of whether you go with a customary pentagon shape with five equivalent sides and points or an unpredictable shape like the one over, your tile configuration will be everything except common. While pentagon shapes work for both; large format tiles and mosaics, pick larger pieces for bigger space and tiny ones for smaller areas.

In 2021, living room tile designs have changed tremendously from what we have seen previously. There is no place for boring and regular tile design and shapes in today’s home. Try out fun shapes, colours and patterns to create an accent wall in your living space. Your living area says a lot about your home, research well before you settle on any design.