Wood Effect Tiles Buying Guide: The Do’s & Don’ts
Posted on August 26, 2021

If you look closely at any home decor, architectural magazines or websites, one thing that will forever be consistent is wooden flooring. This style has been prevalent for a really long time due to its affordability, trendiness and durability. Apart from laminate and vinyl, Wood effect tile has been a popular and most loved type of tile in the market.

Have you ever wondered why everyone in the UK loves wood effect tiles? In this article, you will get answers to all your wood effect tiles queries. If you have been considering getting wooden flooring, this article is curated for you!

What are wood-effect tiles?

Wood effect tiles are a great alternative to wooden flooring. They are not made up of actual wood but from ceramic and porcelain. The tile has the image of a wood grain onto porcelain or ceramic tiles. They are cheaper, durable and can be styled in different ways.

Talking about its durability, they do not discolour like wooden flooring if left in areas of direct sunlight. You will notice differences between the shade if you already have them installed at your place. On the other hand, since wood-effect tiles are made from porcelain or ceramic, they work just like any other tiles.

An additional bonus of these types of tiles is that they come in various shades and colours and can be replaced easily if cracked or broken.

wood-effect tiles

When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, wood-effect tiles work the best. Since they are made from porcelain or ceramic, you can just clean them like your regular flooring. With the help of a mop and disinfectant, you can make the wood-effect floor brand new!

Why Should You Choose Wood-Effect Tiles?

It is always a good idea to choose wood effect tiles over wooden flooring. The number one reason is that they are easier on the environment than other styles of flooring. Porcelain tiles are easily recyclable, and there is no plastic or adhesive involved. If we talk about the expenses, wood-effect tiles are way cheaper than wood floors. However, it might differ depending on the style you choose. People who have allergies should for wood effect tiles as they are safer options. They come in numerous colour options too, so it’s a win-win situation.

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Tips to Consider When Buying Wood-Effect Tiles

Buying Wood-Effect Tiles

For installing high-quality wood-effect tiles, you need to be extra cautious to avoid any struggle. Here are some tips that will keep you sorted!

  • Pick porcelain over Ceramic

Choosing porcelain tiles over ceramic ones is always a great choice. They are super durable, so you do not have to worry about dropping anything on the surface and chip it. Always pick full-bodied porcelain for better results.

  • Simple pattern for the win

When talking about wood effect tile prints, you need to be thoughtful. There is always a limit to how many unique planks will be in the chosen pattern. To cover the entire space with the same design, you shouldn’t pick busier patterns. Look for a subtle and simple pattern to open up the space.

  • Long plank length

Earlier, the tiles available in the market were much thinner and shorter as compared to what we see today. The best tile manufacturers and producers use advanced technology and printing machines to make longer plank lengths. Since there is no restriction on size, you can pick up these long planks to cover more areas with just a few of them. These make the room longer and bigger as compared to the shorter ones.

  • Right Finish

With the help of advanced printing, you can recreate any pattern on a tile. However, these are not the only deciding factors that you need to think of. When looking for tiles, you also need to look for the right finish. For flooring, glossy tiles work the best. And for exteriors, stone finish tiles are considered ideal. Your bedroom areas look great with a wood finish to give you a warm vibe. Pick wood-effect tiles to add cosiness to your space.

  • Planning

It is a necessity to buy an extra 5-10% tiles to help you fix any cuts or breakages. Manufacturers often offer a refund on unused boxes of tiles. These come in very handy and play an essential role in fixing things up.

You can find various designs, sizes, textures and prints at the tile manufacturers in the UK.

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Things to Avoid when Buying Wood Effect-Tiles

wood tile effect flooring

Now that you know what things to keep in mind when buying your perfect set of wood-effect tiles, here are some things that you need to avoid. 

  • Not buying enough Tiles

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when renovating their space is that they buy fewer tiles. Even though you have spent hours calculating them, there are still chances that you will run out of them. This is one of the most frustrating things that you can feel when changing tiles. Get the help of professionals to avoid such hassle. 

  • Throwing away Spare Tiles

If you have been throwing away tiles after the renovation process is over, put an end to it. The tiles can be used for future use. Keep them stored somewhere safe because you probably won’t find the same print in the future. Tiles come in new batches every year.

  • Picking the Wrong Size

Another common mistake that most people make is settling for the wrong size. For a smaller space, choose large format tiles to make the space look a bit bigger. A lesser grout line gives a sense of extra space and a seamless finish.

  • Not Checking out the Samples

Before you buy a whole bunch of the selected designs, make sure to check out the samples first. Often these tiles look a bit different in showrooms than in real life. Always go for the sample first. Make sure you are happy with it before buying the entire box. For tiling, you need to plan to see how the chosen tile looks. You should be 100% sure if you want to install that particular set of tiles or not.

  • Picking Price over Quality

When it comes to wood effect tiles, you need to look for the best. Cheaper tiles can indeed be more expensive due to their less durability. They are often flat and often use artificial colours. Avoid low-priced encaustic cement ones!

Bottom Lines


Here are some things to consider when you are looking for buying your perfect set of wood-effect tiles. With this article, you can easily pick up the best wood effect tiles from the top manufacturers in the UK. To make this process efficient and cost-effective, you can consider Ferreira’s collection of premium tiles.