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Coloured Porcelain Tiles

The colours you chose to decorate your home with have an impact on not only how rooms look, but how they feel too. People associate colours with different emotions, which interior design is such an important part of any interior or exterior renovations.
The same care and consideration should be applied when deciding upon which colour of porcelain tile to use in your home. From the deepest black of marble black Marraone Emeprador in our Vanity collection to the off-white hues in our Core Shade and New collection, the entire colour spectrum is covered. You can book an appointment to visit our showroom if you’d like a hands-on experience with all of our colours.

Blue Tiles

Trust us when we say blue porcelain tiles shouldn’t just be used in bathrooms. You can transform all rooms of your home, bringing a sense of serenity and calmness to your space. Etoile Illusion from Ferreira’s Etoile Di Ferreiras collection is an incredible turquoise blue hue marble. Each colour from the range is available in different sizes, thicknesses and surfaces, allowing you to create a specific look.

Metallic Tiles

For those who want to add subtle grandeur to a space, Ferreira’s have collections of tiles featured gold, bronze and copper hues. Thunder Night, part of the Prexious Di Ferreiras collection, has lighting bolts of gold running through each tile. The entire Magneto collection boasts metallic finish tiles and Magneto Corten is a solid rich brown copper that would look elegant with jewel tones.

Discover all of our coloured tiles above…

Above, you can discover all the colours Ferreira’s holds in porcelain tiles. Each colour category will feature different porcelain tile collection, ranging from marble, stone and wood effect, to concrete and metal. Our expert team would be happy to discuss your needs, simply give them a call on 020 8076 8567 or send an email to

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