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Beige Floor Tiles

If you want a modern edge to a living space, large, classic-coloured tiles give a sophisticated and elegant feel.  Ferreira’s Shoreditch collection features the shade Mou, a perfect, yellow-toned beige perfect for brightening and modernising any space.  For floor tiles with a natural aura, the Yosemite collection has a finish similar to hewn slate. Whilst the colour palette chosen is delicate, the shades and textures feel alive. Ivory is a lighter beige hue, perfect for creating light and adding depth to a living area.

Did you know that we also have beige tiles for outdoor areas too? Whether you require an outside seating area or need safe but attractive poolside flooring, Ferreira’s R+PTV collection could be the answer to your prayers. Outside, especially during wet weather, it is important that the ground isn’t slippery underfoot. The R+PTV range has excellent slip-resistance and is available in a myriad of colours and finishes, with some of our favourite beiges including Mou, Neo Beige, and Ecru.

Beige Wall Tiles

Many believe you can’t make a statement with natural colours, but this simply isn’t true. Ferreira’s Anima collection boasts rare marble look tiles echoing stones from all corners of the globe. The marble tiles are highly decorative and would make an impact on the wall of any room. Anima is an off-white marble with dramatic veins of beige, cream, taupe running throughout. Similarly, Primavera Oro is a neutral marble with threads of darker beige, golds, and blacks emblazoned all over.

In contrast is the modern and versatile Stonewash collection. Natural and classy, the ceramic tiles are available in four finishes – honed, fiammata, blazed, natural – and four colours. For neutral beige tones the likes of Amber and Oyster are very popular. However, for a beige with a cooler undertone, Clay could be an option.

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