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Blue Bathroom Tiles

Traditionally, blue in a bathroom is a must. Floor to ceiling tiling is becoming a popular choice as more and more people convert their bathrooms into wet rooms. Whether you wish to tile your entire bathroom or add a feature wall, Ferriera’s have an incredible range of porcelain tiles ready for you to peruse. You can view all the collections online, or book an appointment to visit our showroom to view tiles and samples up close and discuss your needs with our expert team.

Blue Kitchen Tiles

Transform your kitchen with blue tiles. You could add a blue border or a selection of blue accent titles. Alternatively, take the leap and adorn entire walls or the kitchen floor in a shade of blue that suits your taste. Blue is fast becoming a favourite in kitchens, particularly with paler shades such as powder blue, duck egg, and sky blue. Sometimes darker hues such as navy, space, or royal blue are used in smaller quantities to add a pop of colour to areas or to create a feature.

Blue Floor Tiles

Blue floor tiles are a great look throughout any home and aren’t just destined for kitchens and bathrooms only. Give a space an entirely different feel by opting for a blue-tiled floor.

Did you know that different shades of blue mean different things? Light blue can mean honesty and trustworthiness. Royal blue exudes superiority and darker shades can be seen as elegant, sophisticated, and intelligent. Therefore, it could pay to match the shade of blue you wish to use with its meaning to give your space the aura you want.

Blue Wall Tiles

Étoile Illusion from Ferreria’s Etoile Di Ferreiras collection is an incredible turquoise blue hue marble. Each colour from the range is available in different sizes, thicknesses and surfaces, allowing you to create a specific look. Etoile Illusion tiles can be used on both walls and floors. Wherever you decide to use this beautiful range of tiles it will certainly make an impact.

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