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Green Bathroom Tiles

Adding a pop of colour to your bathroom with green tiles is a fantastic idea, particularly if adding a backsplash in a lime green or a bath side panel in a dark emerald. However, there is no reason why your entire bathroom cannot be green. With so many hues available, green can be elegant and sophisticated as well as zesty and exuberant.

Green Bathroom Wall Tiles

Tiles come in so many colours, shapes, sizes, and finishes that just about any style or look can be achieved. Green in a bathroom could be royal, retro, or revitalising – there is no set agenda when it comes to such a versatile colour.

One of Ferreria’s most beautiful colours is Étoile Illusion from the Étoile Di Ferreiras collection. The stunning turquoise green is available in a honed or polished finish and is cut with white and grey veins and panels throughout. It can be used on both walls and floors.

Green Bathroom Floor Tiles

Did you know that porcelain tiles are scratch and chip resistant? This makes then ideal for all types of high-traffic areas around the home. With accidents more likely to happen in the kitchen or bathroom, green porcelain tiles are a great choice to prevent any damage.

If safety is important to you when considering tiled flooring, Ferreira’s R+PTV Collection could be exactly what you are looking for. The range of tiles has the highest slip-resistance possible, meaning it is even ideal for wet environments such as wet rooms or swimming pools.

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