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White Porcelain Floor Tile

One of Ferreira’s most minimalist and elegant forms of marble tile lies in the Vanity range. Echoing stone used in classical culture, the Vanity collection features delicate marbles with soft contrasting veins running throughout. Bianco Luce is a brilliant white marble from the range with delicate light grey ribbons whereas Bianco Statuario is a creamier white with darker grey veins. Both are available in a polished or smooth finish. In contrast is Ferrous, a modern collection of metallic porcelain tiles that can be used on both walls and floors. It is the shade Iridium – a brilliant clean white – that would be perfect in a contemporary home or space. The Ferrous collection is available in a honed finish.

Off White Porcelain Floor Tiles

Ferreira’s ranges contain a vast number of white wall and floor tiles; available in a wide range of thicknesses, finishes, and sizes. Virtually every range we offer has white or pale shades to enable you to create open, fresh spaces in a style that suits your needs. Check out all of Ferreira’s collections to find the perfect wall or floor tile.

The Marble Lab collection integrates two finishes and a multitude of different colours to choose from. The marble effect tiles are available in a polished or honed finish. Premium White and Taxos are the purest marble tiles, with little to no ribbons. In contrast, Bianco Striato, Calacatta Elite, Calacatta Statuario and Quarzo Greige are off-white tiles threaded with different natural hues.

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