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Porcelain Tile Effects

One of the qualities that make porcelain so sophisticated is the ability to mimic different styles and patterns. Marble, wood, and stone used internally and externally – for example – can all become weathered or worn easily and be difficult to repair. Porcelain is impermeable to water and extremely hard-wearing even in high foot traffic areas, making it superior to other types of tiles, flooring, and panelling.

Whilst ceramic tiles are limited to certain texturised finishes and special features, porcelain tiles can perfectly mimic different textures and looks. Within the Ferreira’s porcelain tile collections are marble, cement, stone, wood, metal, patterned and mosaic effect tiles. This means that each tile mirrors the visual effects of the material but is merged with the qualities of porcelain itself.

Above, you can view all the Ferreira’s porcelain tile collections, from marble, stone and wood to concrete and metal. You can discuss your needs with our expert team via telephone on 020 8076 8567 or by email at

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