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Industrial concrete tiles

If an industrial look is for you then Ferreira’s have an array of concrete tiles available for use internally and externally. Vintage furniture, chrome décor, and exposed brickwork or structural accents all work in harmony with cement or concrete tiles. With a range of different sizes, finishes, and tones available, simply book an appointment to visit our showroom today. Alternatively, our friendly team are available on 020 8076 8567 to discuss transforming your space with concrete porcelain tiles.

Concrete floor tiles

Perfect for any floor, including those outside, concrete porcelain tiles are a blend of durability and design. From modern apartments to country cottages, concrete floor tiles can be used to complement a multitude of different interior design themes. Ferreira’s Spirit collection offers six shades with a base of grey. Modern Gris, Neutral Gris, and Vintage Gris all have different qualities. At the opposite end of the spectrum are Modern Brun, Neutral Brun, and Vintage Brun which offer a much darker grey with a warm undertone.

Polished concrete tiles

Many people like polished concrete tiles as they give a modern and contemporary look to a space. However, typically this is a glazed finished providing a smooth silk-like texture to the surface of the tile. The Spirit collection from Ferreira’s has tiles with a silky honed finish.

In contrast are our slate and slate hammered finishes, available in the same two ranges. Slate finished concrete tiles create a rustic and textured look which is particularly effective for flooring.

Cement tile

Ferreira’s Cemento is a system of tiles in various surfaces and hues that mimics the aesthetic of cement. Including traditional wood slat formwork tiles, the range echoes the Brutalist architecture of the 20th century but can be implemented in a variety of ways to provide industrial, sophisticated, luxurious, and homely spaces. The possibilities with tiles from Cemento is endless. Furthermore, as well as internally, this range of tiles can be used outside.

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