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What is a fabric porcelain tile?

Fabric tiles imitate the appearance of different types of material. However, with Ferreira’s fabric collection, this is achieved using porcelain. Porcelain is a durable material for tiles, surpassing the robustness of ceramic tiles. All our porcelain tiles are freeze proof, heat resistant, and stain-resistant, making all our collections perfect for use anywhere at home, inside and out.

Fabric effect tiles are a clever way to bring together the warmth and comfort of traditional material fibres into your home in a modern and edgy way.

Fabric wall tiles

Porcelain tiles with fabric designs can be a fantastic way of introducing carpet and rug designs into rooms of the home that typically do not utilise them. Bathrooms and kitchens can make use of fabric wall tiles to add softness and comfort, as well as beautiful interior decoration. Any space in the home can be rejuvenated with porcelain fabric tiles and our collection can create a relaxing look and feel, whether you decorate an entire wall, or use imitation fabric tiles as focal points, such as borders, fireplaces, or backsplashes.

Fabric effect floor tiles

By mimicking the look of fabric, our range allows you to achieve a warm, textured look on surfaces where traditional fabric cannot be used. For example, carpeted bathrooms can cause serious issues. However, with a fabric effect floor tile, you can have all the aesthetic benefits of fabric with the durability and waterproof capabilities of porcelain tiles.

Why look for ordinary floor tiles when you can have something special? Our fabric effect tiles, as well as all the other Ferreira’s collections, boast unique designs as well as a wide variety of shapes, sizes,

Fabric look porcelain tile

Fabric effect tiles can completely transform a space, whether being used sparingly or covering an entire floor or wall. The options for interior design with all of Ferreira’s porcelain tiles are endless and there are designs, finishes, sizes, shapes to suit every decor need.

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